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Krishi Vigyan Kendra conducts training programme on different package of practices with recent technologies to update the skill and knowledge in agriculture and allied activities for the benefit of farming community, rural youths and extension personnel.

The programme organised in different types like On & Off Campus training programme with short and long duration. The skill oriented training programme like Repair & Maintenance of Farm Implements, Mushroom Production Technology, Production of Bio Inputs, Animal health promotion also conducting by KVK.

For the past 5 years, KVK conducted 916 training programme for farmers, rural youths and extension officials by covering 43,161.

On Campus Training

2020 - 21

S.No Date Topic Participants Displine
1 26-Aug-2020 Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Paddy 20 Crop Protection
2 01-Sep-2020 ICM in Samai Little Millet 18 Agriculture Extension
3 03-Sep-2020 Mushroom Production Cultivation 16 Home Science
4 09-Sep-2020 Integrated Crop Management in Chilli 22 Horticulture
5 11-Sep-2020 Integrated Crop Management in Bhendi 18 Agriculture Extension
6 22-Sep-2020 Scientific Goat Rearing 29 Animal Science
7 23-Sep-2020 Honey Bee Rearing Techniques 25 Agricultural Engineering
8 03-Oct-2020 Integrated Crop Management in Ragi 23 Agriculture Extension
9 05-Oct-2020 Post-Harvest Management in Mango 19 Horticulture
10 07-Oct-2020 Demostration on Onion Flakes and Onion Paste 6 Home Science
11 13-Oct-2020 Scientific Dairy Farming 25 Animal Science
12 15-Oct-2020 Proscessing and Value Addition in Banana 28 Home Science
13 20-Oct-2020 Machineries for Small Scale Post-Harvest Production 30 Agricultural Engineering
14 23-Oct-2020 Integrated Pest Management in Vegetables 19 Plant Protestion
15 02-Nov-2020 Integrated Pest Management in Banana 20 Soil Science
16 05-Nov-2020 Processing and Value Addition in Tomato 17 Home Science
17 10-Nov-2020 Integrated Crop Management in Green Gram 28 Agriculture Extension
18 12-Nov-2020 Polyhouse Cultivation of Vegetables 17 Horticulture
19 17-Nov-2020 Integrated Root Management in Mulberry 33 Crop Protection
20 20-Nov-2020 Scientific Native Chicken Managemnet 17 Animal Science
21 23-Nov-2020 Seletion Operation and Maintance of Farm Machineries 18 Agriculture Engineering
22 03-Dec-2020 Soil and Water Convervation Technology 21 Agriculture Engineering
23 07-Dec-2020 Integrated Nutri Management in Paddy Variety ADT 53 17 Agronomy and Soil Science
24 11-Dec-2020 Value Addition in Tomato Products 19 Home Science
25 14-Dec-2020 Integrated Crop Management in Tomato 18 Horticulture and Crop Protection
26 18-Dec-2020 Integrated Pest and Diease Management in Mango 17 Crop Protection
27 24-Dec-2020 Integrated Crop Management in Groundnut 18 Agriculture Extension
28 28-Dec-2020 Nutrition and Infertility Management in Dairy Cows 19 Animal Science
29 02-Jan-2021 Usage of Social Media for the Demonstration of Agricultural 17 Agriculture Extension
30 04-Jan-2021 Usage and Maintance of Drip Irrigation System 26 Agricultural Engineering
31 08-Jan-2021 High Density Planting in Mango 16 Horticulture
32 12-Jan-2021 Integrated Nutrition Management in Brinjal 18 Soil Science
33 25-Jan-2021 Diease Management in Dairy Cows 18 Animal Science
34 27-Jan-2021 Maize Fall Army Worm management 18 Crop Protection
35 02-Feb-2021 Integrated Farming System 21 Agriculture Extension
36 04-Feb-2021 Summer Management in Livestock 18 Animal Science
37 08-Feb-2021 Organic Input for Vegetable 18 Crop Protection
38 17-Feb-2021 Integrated Pest Management in Jasmine 18 Crop Protection
38 17-Feb-2021 Integrated Pest Management in Jasmine 18 Crop Protection
39 19-Feb-2021 Past Harvest Technology and Value Addition in Oyster Mushroom 19 Home Science
40 22-Feb-2021 Farm Machinery Usage in Banana Cultivation 17 Agricultural Engineering
41 25-Feb-2021 Integrated Nutri Management in Mango 18 Soil Science
42 03-Mar-2021 Integrated Farm System 18 Agriculture Extension
43 10-Mar-2021 Value Addition in Onion and Tomato 23 Home Science
44 18-Mar-2021 Diease Management in Native Chicken 20 LiveStock

Off Campus Training

2020 - 21

S.No Date Topic Participants Displine
1 11-Jul-2020 Management of Redgram Pest and Disease 23 Crop Protection
2 14-Jul-2020 Integrated Pest Management in Maize Fall Army 13 Crop Protection
3 29-Jul-2020 Integrated Crop Management in Finger Millet 14 Agriculture Extension
4 20-Aug-2020 Clean Milk Production Practices 19 Animal Science
5 24-Aug-2020 High Density Planting in Mango 18 Horticulture
6 25-Aug-2020 Integrated Pest Management in Paddy 13 Crop Protection
7 26-Aug-2020 Integrated Nutrient Management in Banana 20 Agronomy
8 28-Aug-2020 Usage of Power Weeder in Paddy 18 Agricultural Engineering
9 28-Aug-2020 Integrated Crop Management in Samai 19 Agriculture Extension
10 05-Sep-2020 Use of Improved Weed for Garden Land 17 Agricultural Engineering
11 09-Sep-2020 Nutri Garden and Nutrition Facts 21 Home Science
12 25-Sep-2020 Mixed Fodder Cultivation for Livestock 16 Animal Science
13 05-Oct-2020 IPDM in Paddy 20 Crop Protection
14 06-Oct-2020 Demonstration on Nutri Garden for Nutrition Security 23 Home Science
15 09-Oct-2020 Organic Inputs for Vegetable Cultivation 18 Horticulture
16 16-Oct-2020 ICM in Tomato 20 Horticulture
17 22-Oct-2020 Feeding and Disease Management in Native Chicken 19 Animal Science
18 27-Nov-2020 ICM in Bhendi 18 Horticulture
19 09-Dec-2020 Skill Development Training on Mushroom Cultivation 15 Home Science
20 10-Dec-2020 Dieases Prevention and Management in Desi Poultry 17 Animal Science
21 11-Dec-2020 ICM in Ridge Gourd 16 Horticulture
22 16-Dec-2020 Post-Harvest Management in Mango 17 Horticulture
23 19-Dec-2020 Processing and Dehydration Techniques in Banana 15 Home Science
24 28-Dec-2020 Usage of Power Weeder in Paddy 19 Agricultural Engineering
25 16-Dec-2020 Soil Health Maintance for Yield Sustainability in Crops 18 Agronomy and Soil Science
26 21-Jan-2021 INM in Mango 17 Soil Science
27 23-Jan-2021 Operation and Maintance of Needle Type Tray Seeder 22 Agricultural Engineering
28 16-Jan-2020 Poly House Cultivation of Vegetables 18 Horticulture
29 30-Jan-2021 Feed and Fodder Management in Dairy Cattle 21 Animal Science
30 27-Feb-2021 Dehydration of Banana and Its Products using Solar Drier and Value Addition 15 Home Science
31 02-Mar-2021 Usage of Power Weeder in Paddy 17 Agricultural Engineering
32 03-Mar-2021 Ethnoveterinary Practices in Dairy Cattle 16 Animal Science
33 10-Mar-2021 Integrated Nutrient Management in Vegetables 18 Soil Science
34 10-Mar-2021 IPDM in Paddy 15 Crop Protection
35 12-Mar-2021 IPM in Maize 18 Crop Protection
36 15-Mar-2021 Value Added Products from Millets 16 Home Scienc
37 15-Mar-2021 Usage of Social Media for Dissimilation of the Agriculture Technology 25 Agriculture Extension
38 15-Mar-2021 Root Management in Mulberry 21 Crop Protection
39 15-Mar-2021 Integrated Crop Management in Groundnut 36 Soil Science