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About SAC

Each Krishi Vigyan Kendra has a Scientific Advisory Committee. The major functions of the SAC are given here under.

Conducted to get necessary guidance and support to carry out the mandated activities of KVK in a more planned and scientific manner.

Consideration of the annual and five year plans of the Kendra.

Reviewing the progress of the activities, and achievements.

Approval of the Annual Accounts of the Kendra before the same is sent to the Chartered Accountant or Statutory Auditor for audit.

Adoption of Statement of Audited Accounts before the same is sent to the Council.

Approval of the recommendations of the Recruitment or Selection committee for appointment of staff on vacant posts.

Agenda notes proceedings of the meeting of the committee shall be sent by the Programme Coordinator to the Zonal Project Director and the Council in order to keep the Council abreast with the functioning of the committee and act on the recommendations of the committee, wherever necessary.

Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting

Previous Year SAC

SAC No Date Members
16th 15-Feb-24 27
15th 07-Feb-23 30
14th 10-Feb-22 37
13th 12-Feb-21 27
12th 05-Mar-20 26
11th 13-Mar-19 34
10th 28-Nov-17 33


16th SAC Meeting
Establishment of new Demo Unit- Root Stock Nursery Unit
Establishment of new Demo Unit- Cattle Unit
Establishment of new Demo Unit- VAM Unit
Inauguration of Programme by Senior Scienstist and Head
Presentation by Senior Scientist and Head
Release of Booklets

Salient recommendations of the XVI SAC meetings

Mr. S. Ramesh, The President, TNBRD, Chennai

KVK may display the schemes available with line departments for awareness of farmers.

More number of Soil samples may be analysed.

Dr. A. Thirumurugan, Programme Coordinator, KVK Vellore

Awareness to be created to reduce the indiscriminate usage of pesticides on agricultural and horticultural crops.

Awareness on Mastitis management to be done.

TNAU repellent for wild boar management may be popularised.

Dr. N.Tamilselvan, Professor, Regional Research Station (TNAU), Paiyur

Awareness on Azolla Cultivation to be done.

Short duration varieties in Ragi may be popularized.

Popularization of Traditional varieties to be done.

Mr. C. Pachaiyappan, Joint Director of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Krishnagiri

Create awareness on KCC, Uzhavan application.

Popularization of mechanization in Agriculture to be done.

Mr. S. Ramesh, DDM NABARD, NABARD Cluster Office, Salem

Create awareness on Drone technology, Natural/organic farming, KCC, Precision farming, Government schemes and subsidies available to farmers.

Mr. V. Sathivelu, Forest Range Officer, Social Forestry and Extension Division, Krishnagiri

Training for Nursery management and Bio-products usage may be done.

Forest Schemes may be explained in training programmes.

Mr. T. Jaganath, Director INDRSETI, Krishnagiri

KVK may sensitize farmers on Agriculture related loans, NLM, MSME, KCC during the trainings.

Mr. S. Sivakumar, Asst. Director of Horticulture, Department of Horticulture, Krishnagiri

Awareness on organic farming in mango to be done.

Mrs. V. Veeralakshmi, Assistant Inspector of Sericulture, Department of Sericulture, Krishnagiri

Training on pest and disease management in mulberry to be done.

KVK may give awareness to farmers to promote sericulture.

Dr. N. Muniappan, Asst. Professor, Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, TANUVAS, Krishnagiri

Training on Mastitis management may be done.

Mr. P. Chinnasamy, Programme officer, All India Radio, Dharmapuri

More programmes on season wise problems in Agri and Horti crops may be given to AIR.

Successful farmers may be identified and given to AIR.

Small voice clippings on technologies related to agriculture and allied sectors may be sent to AIR Dharmapuri.

Mrs. K. Vijayalakshmi, District Social Welfare Officer, District Social Welfare Office, Collectorate

Trainings on Millet value addition / organic farming / poultry may be given to TGs.

Mr. R. Madhu, Executive Engineer, Agricultural Engineering Department, Krishnagiri

Small machines like seedling planter, weeding machines may be popularized.

Dr. B. Senthamizh Selvi, Associate Professor of Horticulture, Horticultural College & Research Institute, Paiyur.

Training and demonstration on powder making from Greens, Curry leaf and Moringa may be done.

Mr. A. Kalaimani, Farmer member, Belavarthi, Krishnagiri

Training required for Disease management, Nutrient management in Banana.

Awareness on Mastitis management in cow.

Thiru. P. Narayana Reddy, Farmer member, Alasanatham, Krishnagiri

Awareness on organic farming, Wild boar management required to be done.

Mrs. M. Deepa, Farmer member, Jakkapan Nagar, Krishangiri

Training on packaging for value added products needed.

Mr. K. Kalimuthu, Deputy Director of Marketing, Department of Agricultural Marketing, Krishnagiri

Awareness on E nom to be created during the trainings.