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About SAC

Each Krishi Vigyan Kendra has a Scientific Advisory Committee. The major functions of the SAC are given here under.

Conducted to get necessary guidance and support to carry out the mandated activities of KVK in a more planned and scientific manner.

Consideration of the annual and five year plans of the Kendra.

Reviewing the progress of the activities, and achievements.

Approval of the Annual Accounts of the Kendra before the same is sent to the Chartered Accountant or Statutory Auditor for audit.

Adoption of Statement of Audited Accounts before the same is sent to the Council.

Approval of the recommendations of the Recruitment or Selection committee for appointment of staff on vacant posts.

Agenda notes proceedings of the meeting of the committee shall be sent by the Programme Coordinator to the Zonal Project Director and the Council in order to keep the Council abreast with the functioning of the committee and act on the recommendations of the committee, wherever necessary.

Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting

Previous Year SAC

SAC No Date Members
15th 07-Feb-23 30
14th 10-Feb-22 37
13th 12-Feb-21 27
12th 05-Mar-20 26
11th 13-Mar-19 34
10th 28-Nov-17 33


Establishment of New Demo Unit - Agroforestry Germination Bed
Establishment of New Demo Unit - Natural Farming Demonstration
SAC Officials
15th SAC Presentation by Senior Scientist & Head
Release of Natural Farming Leaflet
Recommendation by Principal Scientist, ATARI, Zone – X, Hyderabad
Recommendation by Director of Extension Education, TNAU, Coimbatore
Nursery Visit by Officials
Exhibited by RRS Paiyur (TNAU), Krishnagiri
Organic Products and Millets Food Products by KVK Krishnagiri
Millets Food Products Displayed by SHG

Salient recommendations of the XV SAC meetings

Mr. S. Ramesh, The President, TNBRD, Chennai

Create awareness on line department schemes during KVK training programme.

Dr. A. Bhaskaran, Principal Scientist, ATARI, Zone – X, Hyderabad.

Biofloc fish farming demonstration may be planned in KVK in due course of time.

KVK Sales Point at centralized area in Krishnagiri may be planned to increase the RF.

NEWSONAIR app should be popularized and advertize regular KVK activities and training details through AIR Dharmapuri.

Dr. P. P. Murugan, Director of Extension Education, TNAU, Coimbatore.

Promote small farm machineries under Farm Mechanization.

Promote TNAU crop boosters.

KVK may create one stop sales center and create awareness about it.

Dr. L. Jeeva Jothi, Nodal Officer, Horticulture College and Research Institute, Jeenur.

Documentation of entrepreneurs developed by KVK may be done.

Dr. C. Sivakumar, Professor (Agronomy), Regional Research Station (TNAU), Paiyur.

Popularize horsegram wonder through FLD/Trainings.

Create awareness on farm mechanization for ragi cultivation from seed drill, usage of power weeder, and combined harvester.

Mr. Mohammed Aslam, Joint Director of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Krishnagiri.

Popularize new varieties in millets.

New ragi variety suitable for krishnagiri district may be promoted.

Mr. C. Pachiyappan, Deputy Director of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Tirupathur.

Popularize new varieties of paddy, horsegram, blackgram, barnyard millet (MDU 1), little millet (ATL 1) in Tirupathur District.

Mr. S. Jeyaprakash, Cluster Office In-charge, NABARD, Salem.

Project on Millets/Medicinal plant/Fisheries through FSPF (Farm Sector Promotion Fund) may be proposed.

Dr. L. Rajendran, Regional Joint Director of Animal Husbandry, Department of Animal Husbandry, Krishnagiri.

Make awareness on vaccination of Ranikhat diseases, Brucellosis diseases, LST (Lumpy Skin Disease), FMD (Foot and Mouth Disease).

Awareness creation and training on Mixed fodder and Green fodder development may be done.

Mr. K. Senthil kumar, Assistant Director of Horticulture, Department of Horticulture, Krishnagiri.

Package of practices and nutrient management for the protected cultivation may be promoted.

Dr. C. Senthamil Pandian, Assistant Professor, College of Poultry Production Management, (TANUVAS), Mathigiri, Hosur.

KVK may create awareness about the paid training of CPPM on "Hatchery Supervisor and Quail Farming".

Quail farming may be promoted.

Mr. R. Mahendran, Lead Bank Manager, Indian Bank, Krishnagiri.

LDM may be invited to the KVK training for credit and banking related promotions.

Mr. P. Chinnasamy, Programme Head, All India Radio, Dharmapuri.

Promote government schemes on line department through AIR Dharmapuri.

More programmes may be done by KVK in AIR.

Dr. P. A. Enbavelan, Assistant Professor, Veterinary University Training and Research Centre (VUTRC), TANUVAS, Krishnagiri.

Awareness creation on Mastitis may be done.

Mr. Kathrivel, Inspector of Fisheries, Department of Fisheries, Krishnagiri

Plan to establish fish farming demo unit in KVK.

Mrs. V. Veeralakshmi, Assistant Inspector of Sericulture, Department of Sericulture, Bargur - TSC, Krishnagiri.

Create awareness on sericulture schemes to farmers

Mr. K. S. Somasekar, Forest Range Officer, Social Forestry and Extension Division, Bargur Block, Krishnagiri.

Information may be given to the farmer on availability of Agro-forestry tree seedling (Melia dubia, Teak, Etc.,) at forest nursery for planting from month of June 2023.

Mr. C. Panneerselvam, Agriculture Officer (FTC), Department of Agriculture, Krishnagiri.

Short duration redgram may be popularized.

Dr. K. Jeevanandhan, Agricultural Officer/Plant Incharge, Department of Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business, Pochampalli PPC, Krishnagiri.

Export oriented farmers may be motivated in associations with Agri marketing department.

Mr. S. Prasanna Bala Murugan, General Manager, District Industries Centre, Krishnagiri.

Make awareness on loan availability for value addition and millet processing.

Ms. Hemavarthini, Case Worker, District Social Welfare Office (DSWO), One Stop Centre (OSC), Krishnagiri.

KVK may give training for transgender.

Dr. S. K. Gopal, Professor (Rtd), Gandhigram University, Dindugal District.

Create awareness to school student on kitchen garden and nutrigarden.

Establish sale center of KVK in a commercial place.

Mr. P. Narayana Reddy, Farmer Representative, Alasapalli Village, Hosur Block, Krishnagiri District.

Make awareness on Natural farming and/or Organic farming.

Create platform for organic products marketing.

Mrs. M. Vijaya, Women Self Help Group, Kottaiyoor Village, Kammampalli Post, Krishnagiri District.

Provide training on green fodder production techniques.

Mrs. L. Gayathri, Entrepreneur, Majith Golla Halli Village, Krishnagiri District.

Give training on millet processing machineries and exposure visit to ATHIYENTHAL.

Mrs. Akila Surendran, Farmer Representative, Mittapalli Po, Uthangarai Block, Krishnagiri District.

Market for organic products may be facilitated.

Mr. K. Rajendiran, Farmer Representative, Medungampalli, GN Palli Po, Bargur, Krishnagiri District.

Training on Traditional paddy varieties and Millets may be given under natural farming concepts.