Brown Plant Hopper (BPH)


     Both nymphs and adults remain at the ground level suck the plant phloem sap leading
to hopper burn. At early infestation, circular yellow patches appear which soon turn
brownish due to drying of plants.



     1. Avoid close planting and go for SRI

     2. Apply balanced nitrogenous fertilizer

     3. Control irrigation by intermittent drinage

     4. Avoid synthetic pyrethroids


Ragi blast


     1. Early symptoms of leaves are spindle shaped spots with yellow margins and
         greyish green centres

     2. Later, the centres become grey or whitish grey of fungal spores develop at
          the centre of the spots

Neck blast

     1. Neck region of the panicle develops a black color and shrivels completely /
         particially, grain set inhibited

     2. Weekening of tissues and consequenst drooping of heads occurs



     1. Seed treatment with Pseudomonas fluorescens @ 10g/kg of seed

     2. Spray tricyclazole @ 500g/ha


Brinjal Shoot and Fruit borer


     1. Bore holes on shoots & fruits plugged with larva excreta

     2. Withering of leaves & terminal shoots

     3. Shedding of flower buds



     1. Crop rotation

     2. Spraying of chlorantraniliprole @ 225ml/ha

     3. Install pheromone trap @ 38nos/ha

     4. Spraying of phosphomedon 2ml/lit

     5. Spraying of fibronil 5 SC @ 2ml/lit

     6. Spraying of coragen 2ml/lit




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