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KVK disseminate the successful technologies to most of the farmers in the district through the Extension Activities.

The following activities are regularly conducting for wider coverage of the district.

Exhibition Conducted during Technology Week
Farmers Group Discussion
Field Day on Groundnut Cultivation
Kisan Mela
Soil Health Campaign
Lecture Delivered as a Resource Person
Wild Boar Management
Field Day on Paddy
Awareness Programme on JSA
Fruit Fly Trap
Paddy Diagnostic Field Visit
IPDM in Paddy
Farmers Field School on Paddy
Diagnostic Field Visit to Mango Field
Field Day on Little Millet
Diagnostic Field Visit to Mango Field
Exhibition on Value Added Products
DryLand Agriculture Training
Field Visit to Paddy
Farmers Field School Training
Dairy Management in Cow
Paddy Diagnostic Field Visit
Kitchen Gardening Training
Kisan Gosthi
Diagnostic Field Visit
Diagnostic Field Visit to Brinjal
Diagnostic Field Visit to Onion Field
Animal Health Campaign
Fruit Fly Trap Demonstration
Method Demonstration - Mango Fruit Fly
Field Visit to Banana Field
Soil Health Campaign
Ragi Cultivation Technqiues
Farmers Seminar
Field Visit to Rose
Groundnut Seed Drill
Field Visit to Turmeric
Papaya Field Visit
Advisory to Livestock Pig
Tomato Field Visit
Goat Rearing Techniques